The Garden of God

“Now the Lord God had planted a garden
…and there he put the man he had formed.”
– Genesis 2:8

What is the Garden of God?

At the beginning of Earth’s history, God planted a garden for man to inhabit. At the end of time, the Bible reveals that mankind can once again walk with his creator in a perfect garden paradise. Between the books of Genesis and Revelation, the Holy Scriptures unveil the mystery of the Garden of God. Everyone yearns to return to this perfect place. Where was it located? What was its purpose? And how can anyone gain access to it? The full meaning and purpose of existence cannot be understood without grasping the essential nature, attributes and features of God’s Garden. Every aspect of God’s Garden should be understood, in order to live the life that the Creator designed. Since Adam was banished from Paradise, God has embarked upon a redemption strategy to bring people back to his Garden. This book helps the believer to journey back to the Garden of God, the place he always intended His people to inhabit.