Our School of Prophecy

God says,
“I will pour out my Spirit on all people and your sons and daughters will prophesy”

– Joel 2:28

The ‘School of Prophecy’ takes its name from the Old Testament’s ‘the School of the Prophets’ (1 Samuel 19:18–24, 2 Kings 2 & 4:38–44), as such, it does not follow an academic curriculum. Its purpose is to provide a place where people can spend quality time studying God’s Word and experiencing His presence.

The morning sessions are set in an informal and relaxed style. Guest speakers include well known National and International experts on specific topics. In addition to the teaching there may be opportunities to ask questions and receive spiritual impartation during times of ministry and worship.

The School usually gathers on the last Saturday of every month, stay tuned for updates.

The School starts at 9:00am and closes around 1:00pm, although we often allow the guest minister to continue after this time. There is no charge to attend the School and refreshments will be provided.